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  JC's Auto Repair LLC opened in Houston MO in 2004. When we came into the building all 4 of our children helped to clean and get the shop ready for customers! This site has been in the same family for many years.

         We have been through a lot of changes and not all were good. We have always tried to be the very best we can be. We have suffered through loss of old friends and the joys of meeting new ones!

         At the end of the day we can always be happy that we are honest and have tried our very best. I always say that we have the very best customers any business could ask for! Our success depends solely on you, our customers.


  If you need to drop off your vehicle after hours, please lock it and fill out one of the envelopes provided for you and drop it in the drop slot.  In this way there is no confusion on what you want done for your vehicle, and we have no doubt to who it belongs.  


  Please note that our insurance company requires that customers stay out of the service bays.  Not only does this ensure your safety, it also ensures that the mechanic can focus completely on your vehicle and your repairs so that they are completed correctly and completely.                                                                                                                                                                   If you have a vehicle that you recently purchased and you have a valid warranty but you are not sure that we are able to comply with your warranty's limitations you may bring your paperwork in and we will help you figure it out!  JC's is able to work with and comply to most warranty terms.  We are your dealer alternative to quality service.