A/C Service & Repair  

       We are able to flush, vacuum and recharge your A/C system.  We are able to detect leaks and repair your system as needed.  We also offer A/C kits with a LIFETIME warranty.  


Alcohol Detection Systems:

      JC's now offers Ignition Interlock installs.  This is a new service that we are not necessarily excited to offer, but we realize that is needed and we do want to be the most convientient option for you.      

       JC's will keep your information confidential for you.  We also have the equipment for private viewing of the accompanied video (if necessary).  

      From the research we have done this company is the most user friendly and will NOT shut down your vehicle after startup.  We feel that this was the best company to represent for safety and confidentiality purposes.  


     JC's has the networks and tools for just about any accessories that you are looking for.  From custom seat covers, fog lights and mud flaps to steps and bug shields JC's has you covered.  

Alignment, Suspension and Steering Components

       JC's is proud to announce that we recently purchased an alignment machine.  This means that we are capable of aligning even the newest vehicles, and in our area that is important!

        We have the tools required to replace worn or damaged suspension and steering components.  

        Having these items peridocally checked will also save you money by preventing wear on your tires.