Batteries, Belts, Brakes, Hoses and Filter Replacement

    JC's keeps some of the most common sizes of INTERSTATE batteries in stock at all times.  By doing this we are able to get you back on the road sooner!

    Serpentine belts get a lot of wear.  When not checked properly, they can break causing you to lose power steering, and possibly overheating your vehicle.  We check your Serpentine belt at every service to help avoid any problems.

     Front and Rear brake replacement includes turning drums or rotors if needed.  

      Any and all hoses are available as parts allow.  

      Most filters are available although some will require advance ordering for speciality cabin or air filters.  

 Cooling System Serivce

     Includes flushing your complete system and pressure testng for leaks, refilling with proper fluid.  


   We are able to diagnose most makes and models also we are able to print and do factory maintenance schedules.  We do have up to date technology to provide us with a proper diagnosis, no guessing...

Diesel Service

   We are able to service and repair all makes of diesels.