JC's offers a full range of repairs and services, foreign & domestic.  



    JC's  offers a wide range of services and repairs.  We seek to add new services for our customers needs.  (For a detailed list please see the drop down menu under the services tab)  Vehicles are a complex body of moving parts and to list every service that we offer and preform would not be possible with out missing something.  The drop down menu offers a listing of some of the more common services that we do, but it is not limited to just those items. 

   JC's has the tools to diagnose and service most foreign and domestic vehicles.  If you do not see a service that you need or you are not sure that we would be able to work on your particular model, please just give us a call!

     JC's also has the best personal service reps!  Diesel (fawn) and Rufus (black) make sure that you are happy with your service while visiting with us.  They do love treats too!