.Exhaust System

   JC's is able to custom design your exhaust system or do a simple muffler replacement.  We are able to check your catalytic converter and let you know if you are due for replacement.  

Fleet Vehicles

    JC's is capable of servicing  your fleet large or small.  We have available a NATIONWIDE Limited Repair Warranty specifically designed for fleet or commercial vehicles.  We offer this at no extra charge.

Lube, Oil and Filter

  JC's offers a 41 point courtesy inspection when we do your oil change.  By doing this we can monitor what is going on with your vehicle and give you a "heads up" on repairs that may be otherwise unexpected.  Also this gives you peace of mind that everything is in good working order and safe for you to drive.  

State Inspections

    JC's is a Licensed State Safety Inspection Station.  You are not required to have an appointment but sometimes you may have to wait a bit if others are in front of you.  This service is provided at a flat State Fee of $12.00.