JC's offers a wide varitey of tires in several makes and brands.  Although we do not keep many in stock most are available next day.  In this way we do not have money tied up in stock and when the tires are on sale you benefit as well!

      We are also able to reprogram your TPMS sensors to coincide with the placement of your tires on the vehicle.  This is a separate and requested service.  


    We also offer a  3 year NATIONWIDE Road Hazard  plan that will cover you no matter where you are.  This plan only costs 10% of whatever your tire costs you.  


      JC's does offer transmission service with fresh fluid and filter if applicable.  

     We are able to send out transmissions to be rebuilt to a builder that does quality work with warranty, or we can order a new or rebuilt transmission. 

      If that is not an option then we can find a used transmission and install it for you. 

      Whatever fit is best for you that is what we try to find with the best value for you money too!  

Timing Belt  Replacement

   While not thought of often, this is a service that is Factory Required Maintenence.  The manufacturers do recommend that you have this done by a specific mileage (varies by make and model) so as not to incur additional costs or damage to your vehicles engine.  If you are not sure if yours has been replaced or have questions as to when this needs to be done give us a call!